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Mostly finished with the scrapbook. I have to fix one page with pictures of Angela as a child and I have to add the pages where people can write messages to Joshua about his mom. 

Here’s the rough draft of the introduction:

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Followers, I’m begging you all to read this. PLEASE.


Let’s get this straight: when I say something I really mean it. There is no cause nor justification for me to lie to you. I promise you now that everything I tell you will be the truth.

So when I say that your life matters and is important I hope you can gather some strength to pause and believe this even if you believe nothing else.

I believe that you are important. 

I’ve seen a couple of you on my dash lately who have been posting some disturbing things and I’m going to take some time to explain why I, a complete stranger, am concerned. 

I understand that the internet is the ultimate symbol of free expression and I will never criticize you when you use it to express any and all feelings you need to. In fact, I will be the first to breathe fire on those who would seek to make you feel less than worthy about yourself when using that freedom. You have every right to find an outlet and you have every right to feel the way you do no matter the situation. 

You will always be allowed to feel the way you do.

But when your feelings give way into darker thoughts where all you want to do is never wake up… that is where I will always step in. Because, and listen closely now, you. Are. Important.  Whether we have ever spoken before or not, understand that I would be infinitely sad and affected were you to take your own life. 

Perhaps that means little to you; after all, we are just strangers who happened to meet thanks to a little button. We may have never talked before beyond following each other. It doesn’t matter. I care.

I will never trivialize what you feel.

But I’m thinking that just saying these words might not be enough. So this is my open invitation to you: I will listen. Should you ever find words and emotions too big for your body to bottle inside anymore, should you feel weary and tired from life, should you ever need to hear something other than your own thoughts ripping around in your head: I will listen, I will talk. I will do whatever you need me to do.

I will skype with you. I will private message with you. I will email you. I will even give you my cell phone number. 

Because I believe your life is worth every molecule it is made up of.

And I really hope that my followers will read this, because this is one of the most serious posts I will ever make. I hope each one of you takes five small minutes of the time you will waste on the internet to read this. Because even if you have never posted something about taking your own life I will always listen. I hope that those of you who don’t feel that way would take time for their followers if they ever felt this way. 

I will listen to you.

And if I am not someone you feel comfortable talking to: 1-800-273-8255. That is the Suicide Prevention Hotline. I urge you to not feel embarrassed or shy because these people are there for you. They care for you for all the reasons I have posted tonight and more. 

The world can be cruel, but I think you might be surprised by how many can be kind as well.

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Oh My God


You guys are so amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered to by my guinea pigs! 

And to everyone interested: the etsy store will be open late June. I’ll be sure to post about it so much it’s annoying once it’s live!

And to all the people who are now anxiously waiting for their cakes: I will be baking and shipping them sometime within the next two weeks. I will be messaging you as soon as I leave the post office.

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